Unopened original iPod goes on the auction block

An unopened and original iPod is currently on the auction block.

The first-generation iPod launched in 2001 and had a $399 price tag. In light of the recent auction, the iPod unit was said to be bought as a gift and was left unopened for more than a decade on a shelf. In 2014, the product changed hands through eBay via a $20,000 bid. Four years later, the same item was sold for $25,000 in an RR auction.


The unopened iPod’s history doesn’t end there- it went through a change of ownership several times in the same eBay platform before landing at a private collection and in a museum and trading hub called Rally. Rally items have a unique system where interested buyers can purchase ‘shares’ of items and pay out when a collector wishes to buy them in full.

The unopened and original iPod from Rally is expected to fetch $29,000.