Is An Apple VR Headset In The Works?

Haider Ali Khan
By Haider Ali Khan  - Editor-in-Chief
Apple VR
Apple VR Concept Image

VR headsets and iPhones aren’t known to go hand in hand, but there are rumors that an Apple VR headset is currently being put together, which brings a ripple to the VR industry altogether.

Google has DayDream, while Samsung has the Gear VR. Apple has been reported to have filed dozens of VR patents and hired experts for their VR device. If not VR, then an AR headset could be released to the public come 2020.

Apple VR

According to Bloomberg, the headset will be available to consumers by 2020. It is said to have an internal display, have a built-in chip and its own iOS based rOS, where r stands for reality. CNet reports that it’ll have the capability to run both AR and VR games.

In 2014, Apple posted a hiring position for app engineers who can work on augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D graphics. Moreover, the posting stated that the app engineer must be able to build apps in VR for user testing and prototyping.

Price is pretty much spotty at this point, but the next GDC or press conference can bring to light more of Apple’s foray into the VR business.

By Haider Ali Khan Editor-in-Chief
Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.