Is Micro-LED Technology The Future Of iPhones?

Foxconn is reported to increase its efforts to bring the micro-LED screen to future iPhones, according to Economic Daily News.

Currently, the iPhone XS, iPhone X, and Apple Watch are all using OLED displays. micro-LED technology is superior as it doesn’t need a backlight and it doesn’t rely on organic substance, which means they’re more durable and longer-lasting than their OLED counterparts


The company is thinking of ways to be able to mass-produce micro-LED panels for future iPhones. Reports speculate that Apple has an R&D facility focused on developing micro-LEDs, which we may see on the Apple Watch a few years from now. It’s also safe to say that Apple will be bringing its micro-LED screen technology to flagship iPhone models, a fact that Foxconn is relying on.

In the meantime, consumers may have to make-do with mini-LED displays. Apple is planning to show a 31.6 external mini-LED display this year, with plans of selling MacBooks and iPads with mini-LED screens by 2021.