ITC rules against Apple on heart rate monitoring patent

Apple has lost the patent war on the AliveCor heart rate monitoring lawsuit, according to the International Trade Commission.

The ITC’s ruling will have US president Biden reviewing the final determination. In 60 days, he will decide on what to do next with the infringement and how he could correct it. In relation, the ITC issued a unique cease-and-desist order, called a Limited Exclusion Order, which sets a $2 per Apple Watch sold or imported during the 60-day review.


However, the enforcement was held pending the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board ruling that struck out the same patents sent in this month.

The decision is not yet final, and the president will have to choose between the two companies in the patent ruling lawsuit. AliveCor CEO said that the ruling is a ‘win’ for consumer choice and innovation, while Apple said that they ‘firmly disagree’ with the organization’s ruling.