Apple to discontinue iTunes U by the end of 2021

Apple has uploaded a new support document on its website which mentions that Apple will no longer continue iTunes U and will stop this service by the end of 2021. 

According to Apple, the next generation apps for the teachers and students such as Apple School Manager, Schoolwork, and Classroom have replaced the iTunes U. In the support document, Apple mentions that the Classroom turns the iPad into a strong teaching assistant.

iTunes U

Schoolwork helps the teachers to organize various activities, collaborate with them, and also view the progress of each student. Besides these two apps, Apple also has Apple School manager which is a great tool that enables its users to manage Apple devices apps and books. With all this in mind, Apple has planned to discontinue iTunes U by the end of next year.

Apple has discontinued iTunes U for public content publishers however it remains available for the educational year. Apple has asked the creators to explore more options.

The current iTunes U users can publish the content using Apple Books and Apple Podcasts which will end by the end of next year. According to Apple, the users can transition the material available in the tunes U into the Schoolwork app.