iTunes Movie Trailers for iOS ending soon

Apple is wrapping up its once-famous service iTunes Movie Trailers for the iPhone.

iTunes Movie Trailers had a total of 16 updates over the course of 11 years. Its 17th update notes say that the app has had ‘a number of minor performance and stability improvements’, but at the cost of lost app functions and features. On the app description, Apple says that the Apple TV app is now ‘the home’ of iTunes Movie Trailers’, with a link pointing to the app.

iTunes Movie Trailers

Trailers are prevalent in other video platforms like YouTube, so the ending of the app seems to be counterproductive. Apple was ahead of movie trailers during its time with QuickTime video playing being superior to Windows. iTunes Movie Trailers launched in the 90s. Its online website now redirects the user to so they can view the content on an Apple product, such as Apple TV, iPhone, Mac, and more.