A teaser image pertaining to Apple’s intended retail expansion in the Land of the Rising Sun went live today, with the promise that two new Apple retail stores coming to Japan in 2019.

Apple Retail Stores in 2019

A mosaic logo was added to the Japanese retail site alongside Apple Shibuya’s reopening. Today, a gradient logo and a rainbow-striped logo of the Apple graces the company’s Japanese website.

Previous rumors pertaining to two possible retail stores- one in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district and one in Kanagawa Prefecture’s Lazona Kawasaki Plaza have been once again brought to light with the recent expectations coming from the Cupertino-based firm.

Apple Store upgrades in Japan started in 2018 when Angela Ahrendts, SVP outlined a major investment. Stores in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Ginza retain their classic look, while Apple Shibuya has undergone a complete rebuilding and spun off in new locations Kyoto and Shinjuku. Apple Omotesando has received significant remodeling and now has a green wall, new tables, and Avenue display cases.


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