Jeff Williams’ Profile Brought Up After Ive’s Exit


When Jony Ive announced that he was leaving Apple to start his own company, Apple promoted Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer to take Ive’s place.

Jeff Williams

The Wall Street Journal recently brought up William’s profile for the role of product designs and as a possible successor to Tim Cook.

People who worked for Williams say that the COO has been more visible than Cook in terms of Apple product development. Williams has always shown interest on how a particular Apple product looks and feels. He was also instrumental on the Apple Watch’s move from being a fashion-focused device to one that leans more towards health and fitness.

Ive is set to leave Apple this year, but many are wondering if Williams is ready to take responsibility. While it’s true that the shoes that Williams will fill is big indeed, Apple is seemingly confident about the decision to put the COO in charge, but only time will tell.


Samantha Wiley

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