Jobs-Owned Apple-1 sells for $677K

RR Auction has provided an update regarding the rare Apple-1 prototype that’s owned by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The bidding platform opened bids for the product in July, with expectations that the figure would reach at least $500K. The Boston-based company revealed that the computer sold for a record $677,196.


The specimen was believed to have been owned by Jobs, and was the same item that was demoed to Paul Terrell, the owner of The Byte Shop.

It was the same item that raised suspicions surrounding its history. However, RR Auctions pushed back and said that the prototype was the same that was in the 1976 photograph taken by Terrell.

Apple-1 registry keeper Achima Baque said that the prototype was the same, down to the small details and how the resistors were in the same direction, angle and position as the Polaroid copies.

The winning bidder came from the Bay Area and wanted to stay anonymous.