Jobs-Owned Prototype Apple-1 computer heading to auction


A one-of-a-kind Apple-1 computer prototype owned by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be auctioned off by RR Auctions.

Apple-1 Computer Heading to Auction

The specimen, labeled ‘Apple Computer A’ was owned by Steve Jobs and used as a demo to Paul Terrell, The Byte Shop owner in Mountain View, California. The printed circuit board has been hand-soldered by Steve Wozniak and matches photos taken by Terrell in 1976. In the Apple-1 Registry, the machine is listed at the number two and considered lost until Corey Cohen, an Apple-1 expert authenticated it.

RR Auctions describes the specimen as having some damage. The prototype sports the ‘Apple Computer A’ wording and has a different processor, as well as lacks the protective green coating found on Apple-1 computers. The auction is now live, and due to the rarity of the piece the price is expected to go up to around $500K.

The official listing can be found at RR Auction’s website.

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