John Gruber discusses WWDC with Apple’s Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber held its traditional WWDC talk show online this year. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Apple held its annual developers conference virtually this year, welcoming every member to access their workshops and the keynote.

The Talk Show saw Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi and VP of Product Marketing Greg Joswiak join Gruber to discuss all things WWDC. Apple showed off its new software updates – macOS 11.0, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 7. During the talk show, all three touched upon the major redesign of the macOS, transition of Mac from Intel to Apple silicon, iOS 14 features, and a lot more. 

John Gruber discusses WWDC with Apple's Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak

macOSs 11.0 Big Sur saw Apple bring new major design changes; the company has introduced a new set of icons which look similar to the iOS counterparts to improve consistency and ‘continuity’. However, not many people appeared to have liked the new design and the icons, people took to Twitter to share their opinions.

Federighi, during the talk show, said that the new design of the macOS is fantastic and that he has been using it for months and absolutely loves it. He added that users may take some time to get familiar with the new design. 

Gruber asked Federighi and Joswiak about the Intel to Apple silicon transition – how it will affect the users buying Macs right now. Joswiak said that Apple is good at taking care of its users and that consumers must not worry about investing in an Intel Mac. He also added that he bought a 16” MacBook Pro for his daughter – who is starting college sometime soon.

Federighi talked at length about Rosetta 2 – Apple’s emulation process which will help Apple silicon based Macs run apps created for the Intel Mac platform. There was also discussion on how Catalyst and SwiftUI will help ease the transition.