JokerSpy macOS malware surfaces

A new malware threat in macOS has surfaced, hitting a crypto exchange as its first notable victim.

macOS malware are very few and far in-between compared to the Windows platform. However, there are still some serious threats that have emerged over the past few years. A new discovery led to the identification of a backdoor malware labeled JokerSpy.


JokerSpy is a malware first reported by Bitdefender. Elastic Security Labs has also taken a look at the malware, but it’s still relatively unknown due to lack of samples. The way the malware revealed itself was when the breach of a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. It was believed that the hacker had access to the system at one point, with the author or point of origin unknown.

macOS users are advised to keep their devices up to date and be mindful of the emails, websites, attachments, and files they open on their computers.