Prince Charles from the UK has recently spoken with Jony Ive, former Apple chief designer about the Terra Carta program.

Jony Ive and Prince Charles

Terra Carta is an environmental initiative by Prince Charles. The official seal was revealed this year, with the design made by Ive’s design studio, LoveFrom. The seal is awarded to companies that are making an effort in sustainability through private corporations.

During COP26, Ive and Prince Charles spoke at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, as per Wallpaper. The royal from the UK mentioned how they weren’t able to get financial services to participate in the initiative until now. Ive said that he was struck by the program’s optimism and how Terra Carta ‘is not characterized by fear or terror’.

The seal includes a nature-based image set within a circular design, with details such as plantlife intertwined in seven circles. A crown is set with the text ‘For the Harmony of Nature, People, and Planet’.

45 companies have already been awarded, including IBM, TSMC and Amazon.


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