Juice Up Your Apple Watch and iPhone in Style with the Belkin Powerhouse at $20 Off

Need a functional charging accessory for your nightstand, one that looks just as stylish as your Apple Watch or iPhone?

The Belkin Powerhouse is the perfect choice, and right now it’s $20 off and priced at just $80 from its original price of $100 on Amazon.

Belkin Powerhouse

Belkin is a brand associated with quality and innovation in the tech industry. With the Powerhouse, you can simultaneously charge your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time safely. Moreover, your smartphone will be propped up in a way that you’ll see notifications easily. You’ll be able to charge your smartphone even when it has a case.

The Belkin dock includes a magnetic charging module that auto-aligns your Apple Watch for wireless, hassle-free charging.

It’s stylish and looks great on any surface, whether for your nightstand or office desk. Take advantage of this rare deal and grab the Belkin Powerhouse for your Apple Watch and iPhone today!

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