Keep Tabs Of Your Electrical Consumption With The Sense Energy Monitor, Now Only $239

Sense Energy Monitor allows you to keep track of your electrical consumption, thereby saving you money and energy. Today, it’s down to just $239 from its original price of $299 on Amazon.

The app gives you a real time view of your home’s energy use and works on iOS, Android and the web. Sense keeps a pattern of your energy consumption so you can be informed and more efficient in the long run.

Sense Energy Monitor

Custom notifications can be set for critical devices such as flat iron, well pump or sump pump. Usage can be viewed per day, week, month or year. Every device will have a corresponding watt usage. The electric monitor integrates with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, smart plugs and more.

Sense Energy Monitor meets ETL/Intertek certification for operation and installation inside standard electrical panels. The components are deemed safe and made from high quality materials.

Sense Energy Monitor pays for itself over time. Make sure to get it at a discount today!