Keep Your Lawn Green with this Smart Sprinkler Controller, Now $15 Off

Conserve water and control your sprinkler system anywhere using your iPhone. Adding a smart sprinkler system to your smart home doesn’t have to be expensive.

The Orbit B-hyve Smart 8-Station Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller is getting a $15 discount, knocking down the price from $79.97 to just $65.

The controller can be mounted to any indoor wall and connected to Wi-Fi. Simply open the app and program your sprinklers to activate during certain times or days. The product has the Weather Sense feature that can turn your sprinklers based on site and weather conditions. There’s also a manual override that you can turn to in case you don’t have your smartphone.

Sit back and relax as the smart controller does the watering for you. The Orbit B-hyve is SWAT and EPA certified, which means you’ll be eligible to get rebates from your utility company. The $65 price tag makes it an attractive prospect, so don’t hesitate and buy it today!

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