Keynote, Number and Pages Apps get updates


Apple has updated its iWork app suite that includes Keynote, Pages and Numbers.

Keynote, Number and Pages Apps for iOS

Pages gain several new features, such as additional options for font size and page number placement as well as Apple Book direct publishing. iOS Page has new actions users can access on the Home screen, and the ability to create new documents via long-pressing the icon.

Spreadsheet app Numbers can now capture snapshots of cells without the hidden values, categories and formulas. Users can adjust font size by two decimal places after updating the app to the latest version.

VoiceOver controls have been added to Pages and Numbers, with Numbers able to fill cells and create formulas via the accessibility option while Pages now allows for comment reading and tracking changes. Keynote slides can now be zoomed up to 400%.

On the macOS all three apps get Shortcut support, which means users can create new documents, start a presentation or add rows via Shortcut actions.

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