Knitting App sides with Epic in Apple lawsuit


Knitting app Knitrino has sided with Epic in its ensuing legal battle against Apple when the developers came upon a similar issue with App Store policies.

Apple Lawsuit

Knitrino is one of several companies who provided a ‘friend of the court’ brief and amicus brief in the Epic vs Apple lawsuit, along with 34 states in the US and Microsoft to argue against Apple’s app store guidelines.

Andrea Cull and Alison Yates, creators of the startup have said that they sent apps to both Google Play Store and the App Store for approval. However, only Google approved it while Apple said that it violated the in-app payment system that’s similar to Epic’s case.

Knitrino’s appeal to the review board was promptly rejected, and Yates mentioned that it felt like they ‘hit a wall’. Later on, Knitrino did get approved but an explanation was not provided.

Epic’s appeal is expected to have a response by March, and an oral court argument is set to take place in this year’s spring or summer.

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