Kuo details Apple’s upcoming MacBook lineup

The noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities in a detailed report revealed the upcoming Mac lineup. The most interesting point to note is of course the use of ARM chips instead of Intel counterparts in most products.

During the annual developers conference WWDC, Apple announced its plan to transition from Intel silicon to its own. Apple has been making its own chips for a while now, however, they have been limited only to the iPhone, the iPad, and the Apple TV. 

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Over the years, Apple chips have shown that they are extremely powerful while also being similarly efficient – a combination that is unfound. In 2018, the company claimed that the iPad Pro was faster than 95% of the traditional computers in the world.

Setting a new industry standard

The iPad Pro is indeed a powerful device in terms of general CPU performance as well as in terms of GPU. During the keynote at WWDC, Apple showcased the benefits Mac will receive by moving to homegrown silicon.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the WWDC keynote that the company will launch its first “Apple Silicon” powered Mac later this year. He also added that the product will ship to customers by end of this year; could be delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Kuo’s report, Apple will launch 13.3” MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will be among the very first to receive the ARM treatment. However, the report also adds that a new 14” MacBook Pro will be released sometime next year along with an updated 16” MacBook Pro – both powered by Apple silicon.

Apple Silicon powered Macs will offer huge performance gains while increasing power efficiency. The company has talked about these facts during its annual developers conference. Analysts have also added that by designing its own chips, the cost of products could fall in the future.