LA iCloud scammer charged with felony

A Los Angeles native has recently been charged with felony after he broke into iCloud accounts to get nude women photos.

Hao Kuo Chi, the perpetrator sent out emails and acted as a support representative to collect Apple IDs and their passwords. Although he did not break into iCloud accounts he used phishing schemes and social engineering to gain access. Chi collected more than 600,000 videos and photos in total.

The victim count was more than 300, with most being young women. Chi advertised his services as ‘icloudripper4you’ to people who wanted to break into an iCloud account and steal the videos and photos contained within.

Chi was caught when he hacked into an unnamed public figure in 2018, and when the FBI saw that log-ins on the iCloud account were from Chi’s residence.

Hao Kuo Chi pled to 3 counts of unauthorized access and 1 count of conspiracy, and has been sentenced to 5 years per crime. 

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