Your old router could be holding your internet speed back from its full potential. We recommend upgrading to the Linksys AX6000 Smart WiFi 6 Router, which is down to just $279.99 from its original price of $350 on Amazon.


If you’re tired of dead spots, constant disconnections and buffering, mesh technology is for you. The AX6000 covers up to 3,000 square feet in distance and up to 40 devices, and with dual band and MU-MIMO beamforming you’ll never get a low or no signal again.

WiFi 6 supports up to 6 Gbps speeds and allows smooth 4K or 8K streaming, video calls, gaming and more. It’s the ideal router for large homes, families and power users who want nothing but the best and uncompromised bandwidth.

At just $280 you’ll be future-proofing your home with a high quality wi-fi 6 router. Buy the Linksys AX6000 Smart Mesh Router and upgrade your wi-fi setup today!


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