Apple considered making a 15″ MacBook Air

Apple is working on a new redesigned MacBook Air, set to release later this year or sometime in 2022, according to Bloomberg. The most noticeable difference will reportedly be the smaller bezels around the display which will make the laptop much smaller. 

Apart from the redesigned MacBook Air, Apple was reportedly testing a 15” version of the MacBook Air. It has been reported that the company has however scrapped the plans. The MacBook Air is popular because its cheap and compact. It would make no sense to have a larger screen size MacBook Air which will of course cost more than the 13” MacBook Air.

M1 MacBook Air

16″ MacBook Pro: I’m right here!

The 16” MacBook Pro is the best (Mac) machine for people that require a large screen but also want some portability. The MacBook Air is of course much more compact but its just not as powerful as the 16” MacBook Pro because of various reasons – one such being the lack of a dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU).

Apple considered making a 15″ MacBook Air
16″ MacBook Pro

It’s unclear as to why Apple even considered making a  larger version of the MacBook Air. The “Air” in the MacBook Air stands for a thin and light device. A large 15” MacBook would be difficult to sell with the same name but it’s not impossible. Maybe Apple was planning a thin and light 15” MacBook Air without any pro grade internals of the 16” MacBook Pro.

Well, the idea of a larger MacBook Air is not totally ridiculous but I think it would unnecessarily complicate Apple’s laptop lineup. The MacBooks are at their best right now and with new redesigned laptops in the pipeline, the Mac is on a good path. 

The MacBook Air is one of the best compact laptop for various purposes. I’m writing this article on an M1 MacBook Air and I love the experience. I don’t think I’d like a larger MacBook Air, there’s the 16” MacBook Pro for such an audience.