Latest AirPods Ad Activates HomePod [Video]

The newest Airpods ad, titled “Bounce” has drawn attention from various Apple users in social media. Hulu users say that the ad spot version includes “Hey, Siri” speech that inadvertently activates HomePod to play the song every time. On Twitter, users are complaining that their HomePods do random actions, such as Siri saying ‘I’m Here’ and playing different songs.

It’s not the first ad that drew action from the HomePod system. In 2018, NBA on TNT contained the phrase that showed users the NBA schedule when they didn’t ask for it. Apple does have other commercials that have the phrase “Hey Siri”, but complaints have been minimal until now.

HomePod users can stop their device from triggering by saying ‘Hey Siri, stop listening’. To reactivate, simply tap the HomePod’s center display and say ‘Hey Siri, start listening’. This option is useful if you’re watching TV or browsing YouTube.

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