Latest Apple patent is a pen that can ‘Collect’ colors from real-life objects

Apple recently submitted an interesting patent- a device that can take color samples from real objects and put it into digital paper.

The patent roughly describes an Apple Pencil as being able to sample real-life objects through a sensor on the tip. Patent images reveal that the device may have a light detector, emitter, and ambient sensor that can collect not just colors but also texture as well. It’s worth noting that the Cupertino-based company submitted a similar patent in June of 2020; however, there’s no indication of such a device in the works.

Apple Patent

The current Apple Pencil holds improved features and capabilities, with new iPadOS functions and hardware compatibility. The M2 iPad Pro offers what’s called a ‘hover’, where users could put their Pencil near the surface to see where the point will touch the screen.

Like all patents, there isn’t a guarantee that the device will see the light of day or be announced in the near future.