Apple has recently uploaded a new iPhone video showing how durable their new flagship phone is in the ad titled ‘Cook’.


The commercial highlights an iPhone 12 and how it survived against a cooking onslaught. The Cupertino-based company mentioned in the ad that the iPhone has Ceramic Shield, which is toughest among all smartphone glasses. In the video, the iPhone user tries to make a meal using the smartphone as a digital recipe book with video tutorials.

The iPhone 12 is shaken, dropped, slammed, covered in ingredients and more. By the end of the ad the iPhone 12 is washed off with running water under a faucet.

‘Cook’ is only 38 seconds long and available to view on Apple’s official YouTube channel. The video is accompanied by Naika’s ‘Sauce’.

Apple has been regularly releasing ads for its iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12, including privacy, cameras (Shot on iPhone) and more.


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