A few weeks ago, Amazon had put up the latest MacBook models on sale that ended shortly after they rank out of stock. While Amazon managed to get them back in stock, the sale was later on removed. If you had missed that sale, today is your lucky day as the sweet deals are back on all the latest MacBook models.


The best part about this deal is that it’s just in time for Mother’s day. So if you had planned on buying a laptop or a computer for your mom, well now is your chance. As this MacBook’s come with Prime shipping, they are to be delivered to your doorsteps in just 48 hours. This would give you plenty of time to wrap it up as a gift for your mom.

With this deal, you save from $200 to $500, depending on the MacBook model you plan to buy. It’s unclear when Amazon plans to remove this deal. But surely this is as cheapest as it can get. Such deals aren’t even available at Apple stores.

MacBook Air

MacBook (12-Inch)

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MacBook Pro

SInce stocks are running low, you may want to buy one right away. With such deals, usually, stocks run out in just a few hours.

Is it worth buying a MacBook?

2018 MacBook Air
2018 MacBook Air

If you are confused about whether to buy a MacBook or just another Windows laptop/computer, then don’t worry as I will share my experience with the MacBook devices I use.

Personally, I have been using 2 MacBook’s so far, which is the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air for the last 4 years now. And to be honest, I have never faced any kind of problem with any of them.

My review on the Retina display

As a full-time blogger and hardcore internet user, the retina display which comes on all latest MacBook models has reduced stress on my eyes.

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro [Image Credits: Apple Inc.]
With other laptops that are made by HP and Dell, I had always faced a lot of issues with them. Due to poor quality display screens, I started to get a headache on a daily base. You must be thinking I may have used some cheap laptop by other brands but no! I have always used the best laptops available on the market.

A friend of mine had recommended to go for Apple’s MacBook Pro that comes with a retina display and see if it helps with the headache issue. It was first hard for me to switch from a Windows laptop, but Apple store convinced me to return the MacBook if I wasn’t happy with it.

After using the MacBook Pro, my headache issue was gone and I was no longer able to feel any stress on my eyes due to Apple’s high-quality Retina display technology.

Does the MacBook hang?

Macbook Pro 2018

If you are sick and tired of your computer/laptop getting hanged while working, mostly having to see the “blue screen of death”, then fear no more. In the last 4 years, my MacBook devices have never hanged even once. Since all MacBook’s come with the macOS operating system, it’s really optimized for the device.

As you may have noticed, the Windows operating system by Microsoft is installed on different laptops and computers around the world. Therefore, Microsoft has no way to improve its performance and stability to run on all computers which is why we mostly face issues with them.

What is macOS?

macOS on MacBook

The macOS is an operating system made by Apple for their own computers are pre-installed on all MacBook devices. Since this operating system is only for Apple made computers, the company really focuses on making it stable and optimized for each device.

Therefore, facing an issue with the macOS is really rare. And if you ever happen to face an issue, Apple does provide live chat support to help you fix the problem, else they could simply fix it in the next software update.


Macbook Air

The latest MacBook models can be expensive, but they are surely worth the price. Since Amazon is giving it away for a discounted price, you may want to buy it right away. For sure, the money which you spend on this laptop will not go to waste.

When I never owned a MacBook, I had wasted a lot of money by buying laptops from HP and Dell, that too that were on top of the range. I now regret wasting my money on those brands.

Since the day I switched to the MacBook, I never looked back into considering other brands when it comes to buying a new laptop. Apple never disappoints, which is why its ranked number one mobile phone and computer company in 2019.


Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.