Latest Tesla iOS app launches Siri door lock option

EV manufacturer Tesla recently updated its iOS app to include a key Siri function.

The latest Tesla app is now version 4.24.0 and available to download at the App Store. In the patch notes, the company only said that users can ‘access vehicle controls and climate from Apple Shortcuts.’ Previously, the app gave users several functions they can do on their iPhones.

Tesla iOS App

In the newest update, Siri functionality has been unlocked, which means users can issue commands via the ‘Hey Siri’ command on an Apple Watch or iPhone. A few examples of ‘Hey Siri’ include locking and unlocking Tesla cars, opening and closing the trunk, the charge port, and manually stopping or starting a charge. Dog Mode and Sentry Mode can also be activated along with other basic functions.

Siri shortcuts is Tesla’s latest effort to get into the Apple ecosystem integration. Apple Music support was also unlocked for Tesla as part of Apple’s effort.