Latest today at Apple Video highlights iPhone night mode feature

Apple has recently begun to upload its Today at Apple video sessions on YouTube, with the latest showing iPhone users how they can maximize their smartphone’s night mode capabilities.

Maria Lax, a notable photographer from Finland is known for producing surreal night shots and heads the session along with Apple Grand Central creative Landon. The video starts off with Maria introducing her inspiration for the ‘unreal shots’, and recommends users find a focal point in light sources. Also, Lax mentions how setting a higher capture could make for more dramatic effects.

Apple Video

The tutorial requires the Camera app and an iPhone with Night Mode. Additional products include Apple Watch for its shutter feature and a tripod for noise reduction aspects.

iPhone night mode feature

Today at Apple initiatives are designed to inspire Apple product owners to use them in different and artistic ways. Workshops are conducted online as well as in-store and cover subjects such as illustration, music production, graphic design, photography and more.