Latest Transparency Report Released by Apple

Apple has published a transparency report that details the requests the company receives from private parties and governments for data. Also, the report contains requests for removal of apps in the App Store.

According to the report, the Cupertino-based firm has received complaints from eleven countries to remove 634 apps from the App Store, with China leading at 517 app removal requests due to pornography and gambling law violations. Austria and Vietnam requested for the removal of apps that violated their country’s gambling laws.

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The report outlines device data requests coming from 213,737 devices, with Germany leading at 12,343 followed by the U.S. at 4,680. Apple granted access on 22,691 of them, and mentioned that most of the data requests was to assist with investigating stolen devices. As for account data, Apple stated in the document they received 4,875 requests on 22,503 accounts. The firm granted the requested data on 82% of them.