Latest WhatsApp update now allows self-sent messages

Messaging app WhatsApp now lets users sent messages to themselves in the latest update.

The new feature puts WhatsApp in league with other apps such as Telegram, which has always allowed the self-send option. Prior to the update, WhatsApp users had to create a group with only themselves to be able to send a note or message.


According to BGR, the messaging platform has added several other features, including an undo deleted message option, drag-and-drop media sharing support, and a date filter for message search. A notable advantage of WhatsApp is its proxy server support, which means that users can set a proxy and connect to the app even if their region or country actively blocks the app from use.

The latest WhatsApp update requires an iPhone with iOS 12 or newer. WhatsApp is available to download at the App Store for free but has in-app purchases for third-party products.