First-person horror game ‘Layer of Fear’ will launch with native Silicon support come launch day.

Layers of Fear

The psychedelic horror game from Anshar Studios and Bloober Team, was first released in 2016. A new version will be remade using game development engine Unreal Engine 5. The series has shaped the narrative-driven psychological horror genre and enjoys a fan base of 10 million.

With 2023 ‘Layers of Fear’, the game has been overhauled with cutting-edge graphical technology such as 4K resolution, HDR, and ray tracing for a more immersive experience. The game developers have released an official trailer video for the game on their YouTube channel. Those interested can watch the short video to get an idea of the game story and graphics.

‘Layers of Fear’ will launch on June 15 for the Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 5, PC, and Apple Silicon Macs. The game will be available to purchase on the Mac App Store.


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