Leaked Images Show Us A Glimpse Of The Apple Card’s Design

Images of the much-awaited Apple Card are finally showing up on the web since the start of early beta testing by retail and corporate Apple employees.

In the wild, the Apple Card sports the minimalistic look as with the concept. There’s the Apple Logo at the top part and a chip on the opposite side. There’s also the cardholder’s name but no numbers, e.g., expiration date, CVV or card number to speak of.

Apple Card Leaked

Apple has mentioned that instead of a fixed card number the company makes use of confirmation codes and virtual card numbers for purchases, which is found right inside the Wallet app.

Apple Card Leaked Image Mastercard

The back shows a Mastercard and a Goldman Sachs logo at the top and a traditional mag stripe at the bottom part. The titanium card will be sent inside a plain white sleeve that takes about a week to arrive by mail.

Apple Card is scheduled to be launched this summer, and employees are currently testing it within the iOS 12.4 environment.

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