Leaker reveals bigger screen for Apple Silicon iMac

A leaker by the handle of l0vetodream has recently posted that Apple is developing a new Apple Silicon iMac model, one that will have a screen that’s bigger than 27 inches.

Currently, Apple sells the Silicon Mac in either 21 .5 inch or 27 inch model. It’s speculated that the new computer will match the Pro Display XDR and maybe arrive as an all-in-one offering.

It’s also said that the new iMac will feature an entirely new redesign since the current one is dated with beveled chassis and large bezels. Bloomberg has mentioned that it may look the same as the Pro Display XDR.

There’s also word that the 21.5 inch iMac will be upgraded to 24 inches when the bezels have been optimized. In terms of iMac history there has never been a machine that exceeds 27 inches- the closest is the Apple Pro Display XDR at 32 inches.

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