‘Let It Snow’ Easter Egg Appears on Apple Store app

Apple is ushering in the holidays with a themed Easter Egg surprise at the Apple Store app.

The Cupertino-based company has a little surprise for holiday shoppers on its Apple Store platform. Virtual snowflakes can rain down on the app by typing in ‘let it snow’ on the search option.

Once the keyword is entered the virtual shop will display small snowflakes falling down. Users can continue to shop as this happens. The effect is slightly different between Light and Dark mode, and it’s persistent even as the user switches pages. Also, whenever the device is shaken the falling snow swirls around and mimics the effect of a snow globe.

Apple has done the same thing in previous years, and continues to update shoppers with holiday announcements. Return policy has been recently extended, a new holiday short has been uploaded, and there’s now the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for shoppers.

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