LG TVs are to support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit next week


LG has announced via tweet that AirPlay 2 and HomeKit updates should begin rolling out within a week. LG TV owners, more specifically those that have 2019 models can start taking full advantage of the features when they come out.

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Do note that you’ll have to have iOS 12.4 to maximize the HomeKit and AirPlay 2 features when they go live. Also, to make this work you will need a 2019-released LG TV, where the cheapest option is the C9 TV for $1,800.

LG was one of the first to announce AirPlay 2 support, but Samsung beat them to it on the updates. Vizio, another TV manufacturer is beta testing both HomeKit and AirPlay 2, which can prove to be the more budget-friendly option for those who want to experience TV integration.

With HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support, smart TVs can be controlled within the iOS environment via the Home app and unlock features such as the multi-room HomePod experience, for example.

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