The future of lightning: Apple may move to USB-C

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
The future of lightning: Apple may move to USB-C

Apple launched the Lightning connector/port in 2012 along with the fresh looking iPhone 5. Since then, the company pushed the connector style to iPads, iPods, and some accessories like the company’s wireless keyboard & mouse. However, the future of the Lightning port is uncertain as USB-C continues to replace almost every single connector in the world.

The iPad Pro launched in 2018 ditched the Lightning port in favour of a USB-C as it opens up the device to a lot more accessories. While there is nothing wrong with Lightning, it is kind of locked in and limited in terms of use. USB-C on the other hand is an open standard which makes it a “accessory rich” connector type.

The future of lightning: Apple may move to USB-C

We expect Apple to continue adding USB-C across its devices in the coming years. However, it’s unclear as to whether the company will ditch the Lightning port on the iPhone. The iPad and the Apple accessories can move to using USB-C, however the iPhone is kind of a “locked” platform and by using Lightning, the risks are quite reduced.

A lot of Apple analysts do say that the company will stick to using Lightning at-least for this year of iPhone models. However, there is nothing to back the story and Apple could very well decide to ditch the Lightning port while redesigning the iPhone for this year. The design of the current gen iPhone 11 will be three years old this year come September and it’s very likely that Apple will tweak the design.

Apple was one of the first laptop makers to switch completely to using USB-C on its machines. The move was controversial and people still find it annoying as the company did not have mercy even on the SD Card slot. The future is USB-C, there is no doubt it, the question however is: when will the iPhone get USB-C?

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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