Like Patrol Removed From App Store

Like Patrol, an Instagram-stalking app has been removed from the App Store after Instagram sent the developers a cease and desist letter for policy and data collection violation.

The app allows users to keep a constant eye on other people’s activities on social media and claims that it wants to make Instagram spying easier than ever. Paying subscribers can get notifications each time an Instagram personality they follow liked or commented on a photo. Basically, it offered individuals a service that allowed them to check on who their partners were interacting with on Instagram.

Sergio Quintero, the founder of Like Patrol states that he will do everything he can to get the app back on the iOS store. While Like Patrol isn’t classified under ‘stalkerware’, it does promote constant tracking via social media.

Quintero also mentions that he plans to reveal the app’s tools and make it available for everyone to use.

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