Apple’s super woman talks about Environmental friendly initiatives


Apple’s VP of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson sat down (virtually very likely) with Hello! to discuss Apple and the environment. Many recall Lisa as the lady who was atop Apple’s circular building to announce that the next iPhone will not ship with a charging adaptor in the box.

Apple’s super woman talks about Environmental friendly initiatives

During the talks with Hello!, Lisa opened up about Apple’s environmental friendly policies. The Cupertino based company Apple plans to be carbon neutral by the year 2030. The company also plans to have “net-zero” impact from all of its operations. 

Lisa is the driving force

The Hello! magazine notes that “Lisa is the driving force” behind all the major changes Apple is making in terms of being environmentally friendly. Lisa says that other companies will follow Apple’s lead to make their operations and products environmentally friendly as well. It is true that competitors of Apple usually copy almost everything the company does. It will be a good thing in this case, however.

VP Lisa Jackson with Apple CEO Tim Cook

“We have been running our company on hundred percent renewable energy for two years now, and this year now, we are completely carbon-neutral for Apple operations,” said Lisa. “But, we also announced this year that in ten years, by 2030, that Apple will be carbon-neutral across our entire supply chain and across all our products.”

“Every product that you buy will have a zero carbon footprint and also the use of that product will be zero carbon footprint. We’re working around the world to transition to this clean energy fuel future quicker, so every customer can run their devices on clean energy.”

Apple already uses solar power from the panels installed atop its circular shaped headquarters in Cupertino. The company is also working on making all of its operations and production process environmental friendly as well.

“We lead our sector on the transition to the circular economy. The new products we’ve just released have more recycled materials in them than ever before,” said Lisa, commenting on the recently launched iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches.

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