Little America is now the internet’s favorite Apple TV+ Original

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram - News Editor
Little America on Apple TV+

Apple released its streaming service on the 1st of November, around the same time as Disney’s streaming service launch.The service has already had some good hits such as “The Morning Show” which received critical claim for its script and its actors.

Now, a new Apple TV Plus original show Little America is making rounds as the “best Apple TV+” show. Apple says that Little America goes beyond just headlines to bring out the funny parts and romanticism of immigrants living in the United States.

Little America on Apple TV+

“‘Little America’ celebrates stories that are universally human, emotional and inspiring — it represents exactly what we’re building at Apple TV+,” said Apple’s head of Worldwide Video Web Zack Van Amburg. “Each episode of ‘Little America’ spotlights a beautiful experience from a different part of the world, and we hope it resonates with people everywhere.”

Little America is an anthology series telling stories of immigrants in a new style. The Apple TV+ show stars Jamie Gore Pawlik, Conphidance, Eshan Inamdar, Suraj Sharma, Kemiyondo Coutinho, Angela Lin, Haaz Sleiman, and Adam Ali.

The New York Times

“Collectively, the show’s understanding of the immigrant experience is complex and nuanced. In ‘Little America,’ the impulse to pick up stakes and move is hopeful, but it inevitably comes with loss. It’s about aspiration and hustle and dreams, but it’s also about homesickness and alienation and loneliness.”

Rolling Stone

“This poignant new anthology series from Apple TV+ tells immigrant stories with deep empathy — and serves as a powerful reminder of our country’s founding principles.”

“[Little America is] a sharply executed anthology about immigrant experiences. … At a moment when immigration has become such a polarizing political issue, ‘Little America’ feels like a tonic, one intended to inspire and unabashedly celebrate people who chose to make America their home.”

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