Live Text feature allows for text recognition in images on iOS 15

macOS Monterey, iPadOS and iOS 15 will have Live Text, a new feature that can recognize, look up, copy, select and translate text in any image.

Live Text was announced during the WWDC 2021 and will be coming to macOS Monterey, iPadOS 15 and iOS 15. In the demo, an image of a whiteboard with handwritten text was displayed, to which the Camera app recognized the text via viewfinder.

Live Text feature

A tap on the indicator pulled the text from the image and presents the user with a variety of options. Craig Federighi, Apple VP completed the demo by pasting it to a Mail message.

Live Text works not just during capture but also on the ones in the Photos app. As long as the text capture indicator appears on the lower right screen the text can be pulled and shared.

Live Text on iOS 15

Depending on the text, users can make a call, search in maps or get directions, among others. Live Text will be available on devices with the A12 chip or newer.

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