Logic Pro X Updated to 10.4.5, Brings Performance Improvements

Apple has released the Logic Pro X 10.4.5 version today, which brings performance improvements to the new Mac Pro. This was announced during WWDC 2019, where Apple mentioned they’ll be releasing a new update of the Logic Pro specifically for maximizing the new Mac Pro’s processing potential.

In the new version, Logic Pro X users get an additional 1,000 software instruments, 1,000 audio tracks, and support for a thousand external MIDI tracks and auxiliary channel strips, and a dozen sends per channel. The app is made to be more responsive in the Event and Mixer List and projects that utilize Flex Time edits and several tempo changes.

Other notable improvements include a redesigned DeEsser 2 plugin, filtering by loop type and the addition of MIDI beat clocks with unique settings such as plugin delay compensation and timing offset.

The Logic Pro X 10.4.5 is currently now available to download on the App Store. The update is free for Logic Pro X users.

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