HomeKit-enabled video cameras should start syncing with the new HomeKit Secure Video security when iOS 13 gets released in fall.

Logitech Circle 2

Logitech, one of the companies slated for support, has mentioned that HomeKit Secure Video should work seamlessly with their Circle 2 Wired cameras when the program goes live. Though Logitech’s Circle 2 Wire already pairs up nicely with current HomeKit, users can expect an automatic upgrade for the newer security feature before 2019 ends.

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Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video is set to improve HomeKit security features by leveraging the 2TB and 200GB iCloud storage for captured videos on up to 10 days at no extra cost. Moreover, the new software will make use of local iPads, Apple TVs and HomePods to analyze or process video without external server support.

The Circle 2 Wired by Logitech works with HomeKit, but currently, the wireless version is non-compatible. We can expect this to change when iOS 13 gets finalized and released to the public in September.


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