London is the next location of Apple Creative Studios

Apple has set its sight towards London as the next location for its Apple Creative Studios program.

The skill development scheme will be available to UK’s young artists through the month of August. Apple launched the program in June in order to help young talent develop their skills, initially citing Beijing and Los Angeles as the starting ground.

The initiative is free and starts in London beginning August 2 until the 29th. The focus will be on the radio and the music industry.

The music program will allow participants to record and write a track within a professional studio and a chance to have their work played on 107.3FN Reprezent. Lessons include mastering and mixing A&R, music production, live interviews and more.

The radio program will allow participants to present and produce a radio show live on station, as well as promotion and producing audio features, among others. Local talent and mentors include Melle Brown, Rebecca Judd, Ashley Verse, Charlie Sloth and more.

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