Thatgamecompany, the same developers who made Flower and Journey has announced the availability of their latest game, called Sky: Children of the Light for iOS.

Sky Children of the Light

The freemium game is free to try, but unlocking premium content can prove to be expensive. For instance, buying Bundle 1 costs .99c while Bundle 50 costs $49.99. Sky: Children of the Light can be played on the 6th-gen iPod Touch, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air, the iPhone 5S and up. The developers have mentioned that it will be available for the Mac and Apple TV later on.

The game allows players to explore kingdoms and realms, and connect with people from all over the world. Characters can team up to uncover treasure, save spirits or venture into dark realms, or grow friendships by gifting light candles.

Sky: Children of the Light features an expansive world with new attractions and events coming out regularly.


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