‘Look Around’ imaging vehicles arrive in Israel, Singapore and New Zealand

Apple’s image capturing vehicles have been spotted roaming around Singapore, New Zealand, and Israel, indicating that the feature may arrive to the countries soon.

‘Look Around’ is available on Apple Maps and was introduced in iOS 13 and later, as well as macOS Big Sur. It’s similar to Google Streetview and allows users to get street-level map details for a better navigational experience.

Look Around

Apple uses imaging vehicles to capture street-level details. In Israel, the vehicle has been spotted passing through Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Central, Southern and Northern regions. In Singapore, the vehicle has been spotted passing through the five regions, namely South West, South East, North West, North East and Central, while in New Zealand it was spotted along Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland.

Apple Maps’ Look Around has recently gone live in Dublin, Edinburgh and London, UK and 4 US cities. In December Look Around is now available in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary.