‘Look Around’ in Apple Maps arrives in Atlanta, Georgia

The city of Atlanta, Georgia now has Apple Maps’ Look Around feature, which allows users to get street views of notable locations in the region.

‘Look Around’ is similar to Google’s Street View and has been expanding to include more cities around the globe. The feature was first added in iOS 13 and started with a handful of cities, but Apple has been working steadily to include more regions.

Apple Maps

The Cupertino-based company recently added Portland and San Diego to ‘Look Around’, and by the end of 2020 cities Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Detroit and Denver were added. Currently, Look Around is now available in 28 cities across the world, including the UK, Japan, the US and Ireland. Atlanta will serve as the 29th addition to the feature.

Apple Maps users can access Look Around by going to a location that has it, then tapping on the ‘Look Around’ button. Updating to the latest version of Apple Maps is needed.