Apple Maps Look Around feature now available in more US cities

Apple launched its own Maps application for its device in 2012 and at the same time ditched Google Maps. At the launch time of the iPhone, Google CEO Eric Schmidt also appeared at some of the keynotes to talk about some of the services to be integrated in the iPhone.

However, Google soon launched its own smartphone operating system Android which started a head to head battle between the two companies. Soon, Apple realized that it had to distance itself from Google as using its services would mean helping the competitor.

Apple brings 'Look Around' to Georgia, Atlanta

Since 2012, Apple Maps has come a long way, beginning with major problems initially that led to the firing of a senior executive. Right now, Apple Maps works great in many countries as the company has invested a lot of resources in improving the experience and accuracy of its maps.

Recently, the Look Around feature of Apple Maps went live in three more cities in the United States – Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C area. The feature was introduced alongside iOS 13 last year; the feature is very similar to Google’s similar offering Google Street View.

Apple Maps’ Look Around is presently available in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, Houston, Hawaiian island of Oahu, and the recent additions – Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C area. The feature is expected to be expanded to other United States cities in the upcoming months.

Toggling Look Around is simple and easy – when in a Look Around supported area, a binoculars icon will appear on the screen (top right corner) in the Apple Maps app. A simple tap on the binoculars icon will start the Look Around street view for an immersive experience of the area. Tapping a far off distance on the street view will take you there.