Luna Display and Astropad gets Mac M1 support

Astropad has revealed that they will be updating both their Astropad and Luna Display software to support the M1 Mac lineup.

Astropad allows users to turn their iPads as a drawing tablet or a secondary display on a Mac while Luna Display allows an iPad or a Mac to be used as secondary displays for another Mac. In the announcement Astropad states that the update allows Luna Display and the Astropad software to run faster with lower encoding times.

The software update focuses on M1 Mac native support. The feature is available on Luna Display 4.4, Astropad Standard 3.6 and Astropad Studio 3.6.

In line with the update Astropad has gone on Twitter to highlight the Mac with Silicon chip. The video post shows two MacBooks running Luna Display, with one being an M1 MacBook Air.

Astropad and Luna Display users can download the new update on the official website. They can also have it as an auto-update on their computers.

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