M1 iPad Pro owners may have to shell out $699 for repairs without AppleCare+

Apple recently updated its iPad Service and Repair list to reflect how much it would cost to repair the new iPad Pro with the M1 chip if the owner didn’t opt for AppleCare+.

The repair bill is set at $699, which is more expensive compared to the 5th gen iPad Pro, mostly due to the exclusive mini-LED screen for the 12.9 inch variant.

iPad Pro

With AppleCare+, the price drops down to just $49, which covers two accidental damage instances every 12 months. For manufacturing issues the repair is carried out free of charge if its in warranty. Outside that, the cost to repair the M1 iPad Pro is $699.

$699 will cover broken displays and any other damage to the device. AppleCare+ costs $149 for 2 years or $7.99 monthly. The coverage can be extended with subscription options indefinitely as opposed to being under limited timeframe before.

The new M1 iPad Pro went on sale today, with the first shipment being available May 21.