M1 Mac gets optimized version of upgraded Mac Classic ‘Myst’

‘Myst’, a classic Mac game has been updated with support for M1 Macs.

The rework utilized AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution and Metal 2.1 for a huge improvement in game quality and performance. Some of the noteworthy things include dynamic lighting effects and better texture and modeling. In the M1 environment the game runs smoothly at 4K, and there’s support for VR gaming as well.


‘Myst’ is playable on both M1 and Intel Macs. The updated system requirements put it on the mid-end machine side. That said, it should work on Mac minis from 2018 and beyond, Mac Pros from 2019 and beyond, MacBook Airs from 2018, iMac Pros from 2017 and beyond, iMacs from 2019 and MacBook Pros from 2018.

The new ‘Myst’ game is available to download on the Mac App Store. It’s a paid game that costs $29.99 and is created by game developer company Cyan Worlds.